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Do you love your Bark Badge and would like to promote it? Join our exclusive partner program. Earn money & rewards through referring new people to Bark Badge. Each new users helps the community by adding more people to our safety network.

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Its fun and free to join. Partners earn from 25-30% commission on every badge sold. Tell your family & friends about your Bark Badge and refer them with your link or coupon code.

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Earn Cash $$$

Earn 25-30% on every commission. Paid out weekly through PayPal.

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Join our private community channels with other influencers! Network with other influencers and learn from them!

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Monthly giveaways and more. Rewards for our members and exclusive benefits.

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Be in the know with everything Bark Badge. Our partners help vote for new features and options for the Bark Badge app.

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The partner program is full of exclusive content that can help you make sales. Our team will provide you with the right tools to have success with promoting Bark Badge.

Our goal is to grow our network so our alert system can work better if any of our pets happen to go missing. Once you join our partner program you will be assigned with a representative to help you along the way.

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If you love your Bark Badge and would like to get more involved, our partner program is perfect for you.

Apply online and see if you qualify to join. We work with our partners 1 on 1 to help them have success in our program.


General Questions

Payout is once a week on Mondays. Payout is paid through Paypal.

No. This commission will be denied. Referral links can only be given to others.

No. Since we work 1-1 with our partners to help them with their success we want to make sure everyone who joins has passed our qualification assessment.