Bark Badge is the most advanced dog tag / pet ID on the market. Scan or tap a Bark Badge with any phone to access your pets unique profile with tons of information & safety features.

Your pets profile contains 100x more information than a standard dog tag that can only hold a few lines of information.

You can store:

Multiple phone numbers,

Multiple email addresses,

Gallery (pictures, videos)

Your pets bio

Generate a lost pet flyer instantly from your profile

Alert system to users in your community

Report your pet lost feature

Upload medical documents

Vaccination history and status

Microchip number

Add allergies

Personality type

Passive GPS (Get sent exact coordinates and address of your pet)

Add pet social media handle(s)

Add pet ownership information (verify owner)

.. and SO MUCH MORE...

No. Bark Badge is a one time purchase.

With NFC & QR technology, Bark Badge is made to last a lifetime.

There are no batteries required and our badges are made of high grade epoxy resin & aluminum alloy.

Standard dog tags have an unspoken issue with allowing unwanted eyes to see your home address, phone number and name.

With Bark Badge you can choose to make any of your information public or private at anytime.

Yes! When your pets badge is scanned you will be notified through text & email the exact location of your pet.

This data is stored in your pets profile for only you to see.

When you use our LOST PET feature within the app, you will notify all Bark Badge users & supporters in your community.

Your pets profile will be sent to these users with information of when they were last seen, picture of your pet and where to return them.

Our internal team will also notify local shelters in your community.

Order Information

Yes! We ship to all countries.

Domestic: 3-5 days

International: 7-14 days

We only charge for shipping & handling for tag replacements in the event your tag is destroyed. Please use the in app feature to order a replacement. It can be found in your settings.

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